How to Use Direct Mail to Leverage Your Business

Business owners are always looking for new methods to connect with consumers. Connecting with their target markets helps businesses flourish. While you can establish those links more quickly thanks to modern technology, the old ways still have a lot of value.

A personalized letter is considerably more appealing. We smile when we recall receiving handwritten notes. However, the good news for company owners is that the mailbox can be yours.

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is a technique used by marketing experts to communicate personally with potential clients and customers. Marketers use various printed materials, gift souvenirs, promotional items, and other tangible products to attract prospects and build connections. 

All types of marketers, including marketing departments, inbound and outbound sales teams,  growth teams, demand generation teams,  recruiters, and others, leverage it in various ways. Direct mail marketing helps to engage prospects, leads, and customers. However, we didn't start seeing popular catalogs until the 1800s, even though the technique dates back to 1,000 BC in Egypt.

Nowadays, a mailing strategy can work wonders. The ideal postcard or letter may draw clients to your website, brick-and-mortar store, or door. You can provide consumers with trackable landing pages by sending them customized, targeted mail.

Does Direct Mail Marketing Work?

Why do some businesses continue to invest in a more costly and time-consuming customer marketing strategy like direct mail? The simple answer is that it still works!

Despite requiring more work than email marketing, direct mail marketing has a response rate that is more than 30 times higher. Furthermore, compared to only 45% of consumers who claim to deal with email promptly, 79% of consumers will take rapid action on direct mail.

Additionally, direct mail can foster a more sincere two-way interaction between the customer and the business. According to Direct Mail Advertising Global Market Report 2022, for every $1.27 spent on direct mail, there is an average ROI of $4.09.

Since 50% of a business's highest-spending clients also purchase from competitors, building brand loyalty is more crucial than ever. By examining all the available statistics, it is clear why direct mail is a tried-and-true method for fostering long-term customer relationships and providing consistent revenue growth.

How does Direct Mail Help Businesses?

Direct mail campaigns are a great way to innovate and think outside the box. It may give life to your brand and pitch your goods or services to your intended market while highlighting how you differ from the competition.

Giving consumers something physical to hold humanizes the encounter, which can be much more stunning than a simple, dull email and help you capture their attention and communicate your sales message in a captivating and engaging way.

The goal of a successful direct mail piece is to persuade the receiver to take the next step to become a customer by grabbing their attention and motivating them to respond or take action.

According to a study, 73% of Americans prefer receiving direct mailers to online advertisements. Here are our recommendations for using direct mail to increase ROI in 2023.

Connect With Email Non-Responders
No matter how creative or clever the subject line is, there will always be non-responders in an email marketing campaign. Sometimes your target client receives so many emails that you can't get them to open your emails, no matter what time or day of the week you try.

Direct mail is a strategy that businesses utilize quite well to contact these non-responders.

It's simple to implement:

  • Build your postcard or letter 
  • Build a non-responders list in your email marketing platform 
  • Launch a campaign.

Make a Call to Action with Mail Materials

Encourage your customers to go to your stores, look around your websites, or place an order by phone. Flyers or newsletters are a great way to advertise sales or other special events; you can also include cheap gifts, deals, or coupons used in-person or online. When offering freebies, think about what you can economically mass produce in large quantities.

The Bottom Line

Direct mail and digital marketing channels resemble one other in many ways. However, it has certain qualities that make it simple to use to improve your overall marketing outcomes. It's important to use direct mail as a medium of communication.

Remember that sticking to digital-only platforms will reduce your chances of engaging with your target audience. Direct mail experiences a few-day delay in automatically triggered messaging, whereas it does so for digital media virtually immediately. Additionally, direct mail gives a premium method of getting inside customers' homes and putting your message in their hands.

If you are looking for exceptional ways to leverage your business using direct mail, contact Citywide. We will help you boost your business through direct mail services and more importantly our customer service is unmatched!