Is Offset Printing Dead or Alive?

Printing press showing digital printing

Usually, offset printing is used as a technique, where the visual image may be offset (or transferred) to a rubber blanket and then moved to a printing surface. When it is used in the lithographic process, the offsetting technique is to employ a flat image carrier where the image obtains its ink from the ink rollers. Meanwhile, the non-printing section attracts fountain solution and keeps the non-printing areas ink-free.

One of the most common and efficient methods of making printed content is offset lithography. A few typical offset applications include brochures, newspapers, books, and magazines. Additionally, it is a perfect fit for sizable economic volume production. It is used for a considerable amount of high-quality prints.

However, many rumors have been circulating around offset printing custom since the dawn of digital printing. Ever since printing was digitized, people thought that it was the last they would see of offset printing. Nevertheless, this article ensures people finally have the answer to "Is Offset Printing Dead or Alive?”

Is Offset Printing Dead or Alive?

Regardless of the digital revolution, the traditional means of printing have not been forgotten. Yes, the world is full of digitally connected devices, but companies should depend on more than just apps, websites, or platforms. If a company believes in these rumors of "print is dead," then it will never truly fulfill its potential. This is to say that increasing sales and outmaneuvering their competitors will be difficult seeing as staying in the business loop is not an easy feat.

It is 2022, and yet the print is alive and thriving; in fact, it has been dealing with a resurgence of great margin as of late. 

However, do note that regular consumers favor offset printing more than the B2B marketing sector ever could. The consumers' love for books, newspapers, magazines, and everything paper is what naturally keeps the industry afloat. 

If a company were to benefit from offset printing, it would approach the market where novels and paperbacks are most appreciated. After all, e-book sales went down by four percent when offset printing resurfaced.

Offset printing is alive and well, it has a bright future seeing as there is a never-ending stream of people who love communicating and learning via copies and prints. Offset printing caters to all groups; gamers, engineers, and web developers. This is because it can transform any VR-related, AR-related, or 3D matter into print.

How Does Print Fit Into The B2B Current Marketing?

Printing has gotten less expensive in most local areas of Chicago. And similar to most things in businesses, many factors affect the budget. This means the business only gets the commercial offset when it is capable. If someone is using print for B2B marketing, here are some ideas they should consider.

Create a print asset by taking the most popular content piece. While recent printing options are more flexible, you could opt for a former brochure.

Print the most universal or popular e-Book as a gesture of leave-behind booklets. These can be helpful in presentations and meet-ups.

Use these prints to elevate your digital marketing and online presence.

Use print matter to reinforce your relationship with the consumers. You should produce a small number of printed content and send it to special customers. It will be an incredible experience for the customer when they open the mailbox to find a magazine or a book; this can serve as an excellent customer service technique as well.

Magazines and books have an intrinsic value; they are valuable physical brand assets. For instance, having your printed content at any desk is a strategic promotion tactic, especially when it helps you strike up a conversation with another business person.

Final Words

The false news that offset printing is dead has been circulating since digital print started. However, as you read, it couldn't be further from the truth. If you wish to use offset print in B2B marketing, you should contact Citywide Printing to ensure you get the quality print to present to your consumer base.